I started making sauces primarily because I couldn't find sauces anywhere that I could get excited about.  I found sauces that gave up something to gain something else.  Whether it was heat in place of taste or taste in place of heat, or texture.  Whatever the case was, I was never ENTIRELY happy with any one sauce...So I made my own.  

These are not sauces made by a big box processor that makes everything from bread to salad dressing to ice cream to bbq sauce, and over the years I've whittled it down to a formula that works on every level.  It's layered.  It's spicy.  It's ever so, almost gently, sweet.  It's super powerful and tangy...You can actually see ingredients...And it's my passion. 

This is a true Hybrid sauce as it is the best of both a Southwestern style BBQ sauce and a Southeastern style BBQ sauce.  I hope you and your family enjoy these. 

- Joey & Lily